A big part of your culture stems from how you communicate with those you serve.  Do you send emails or make phone calls or print things on paper? Are you perceived as friendly or cold, professional or... "organic"?  Who are you?  Is your story well communicated anywhere?  How well do you communicate your culture along with your story?

To add to that, we are in the midst of a communications revolution!  Many of the forms of communication that once found people are no longer working (remember the Yellow Pages?), while mobile technology has taken off!  So, many of your people have fled to to social media platforms, while others are sticking with more traditional forms.  This leaves us in limbo between the old and the new, which can be frustrating.  Is your organization keeping pace and covering all its bases?


We ask you questions to find out how you are currently communicating with your clients or constituency.  We then help you formulate a Communications Strategy, a communications protocol for your staff, and help you launch your plan and help your staff speak with "one voice".

Here are our Services:

  • Survey your existing communications functions, and make recommendations for your future.
  • Sharpening your online presence - can people easily find you in the digital age?
  • Communications strategies for donations to your organization.  Is it easy to give?
  • Writing and editing for communications to your audience, with just the right tone.
  • Social Media promotions for special events, and for your organization in general.
  • Sharpening your look: your logos and design approach - finding images that suit your culture.
  • Project Management for your new website.
  • Ongoing management and maintenance of your website.


Let us sharpen your communications!  As the leader of your team or organization, you may need a cultural tweak to become better at communicating.  Or, you may be looking for a cultural revolution within your entire organization.  Either way, the first step is to call us at 519-502-2419 or email us  for a free consultation.