Have you noticed that people behave differently in different environments?  Watch the behavior in a fast food restaurant, and then compare it to a fine dining experience.  We tend to adjust our behaviour when we function in a beautiful space.

Nothing shapes your culture like your facility.  But don't panic;  don’t assume that you can not make your current facility work for you, even if it appears dated.  Old can be just "old-school" or, old can be "cool" – ask your kids.

Your facility is probably your most expensive asset, and making any changes will require a capital investment. Before you call an architect, ask us for ideas on how to make your existing facility function better, look better, and greener, for the future.


We ask you questions to examine the use of your facility, and how well it is working for you.  We then help you formulate a Facilities Plan, and help you communicate with those you serve.

Here are our Facilities Services:

  • Talk to us before you talk to an architect.  We will help you define the "scope of your project"; in other words, what you need, and what you can afford.
  • We will examine your existing facility, analyze functionality and flow, and how your facility is currently "reading", culturally.  We will then recommend efficient and cost effective solutions.
  • Go green!  We can recommend energy saving solutions and updates, which may be eligible for rebates.
  • We can help you engage a local designer or architect, if necessary.


Let us sharpen your facilities!  As the leader of your team or organization, you probably already know that you need some tweaking of your facility.  Or, you may be looking for a cultural revolution within your entire organization.  Either way, the first step is to call us at 519-502-2419 or email us  for a free consultation.