Systems are simply the tools we use to organize our work, to become both responsive and efficient, to those whom we serve.  Our systems include the obvious, like our software systems, but it also includes things like our team relationships and our leadership structure.

In many churches and organizations, our systems are disconnected. Are your systems talking to each other?  Is information readily available to your leaders and staff? Are your leaders and staff trained on your systems? Do your staff and leaders work individually in "silos", or together on projects?

In some cases, your systems may not be keeping pace with culture.  Here's a good example: are you expecting people to donate with cash and cheques, when many people no longer use either system?

We can help.


We ask you questions to find out what systems you are currently using, and how well they are working for you.  We then help you formulate a Systems Strategy, a systems protocol for your staff, and help you launch your plan to train your staff.

Here are our Systems Services:

  • Audit your existing software systems, such as database, child check-in, service planning, room bookings, online giving and recommend potential improvements.
  • Examine your existing team leadership structure (both staff and volunteers), recommend potential improvements for the health and revitalization of your team.
  • Examine your team meeting rhythms and recommend tweaks for the health of your team.


Let us sharpen your systems!  As the leader of your team or organization, you may need some systems tweaking.  Or, you may be looking for a cultural revolution within your entire organization.  Either way, the first step is to call us at 519-502-2419 or email us  for a free consultation.